We carry out research and analysis on a daily basis into the links between changes in society and sport; we are anticipators by nature, and we are convinced that analysis of societal changes and foresight are the most effective methods of innovation in our time…

Our methodology

Our work with customers over many years has shown that the two-pronged approach of understanding the present and looking to the future is the best methodology for implementing innovation strategy and meaningful projects.

Understanding the present to imagine the future.

It includes an in-depth analysis of your ecosystem and will study trends and opportunities.

The first step is to directly observe competing brands: this is the exploration phase.

Then, we use a tool developed in-house called “Le Radar prospectif”, which aims to inspire you with concrete elements that can have a more or less long-term impact on your innovation challenge. It will enable us to study and prioritize themes for exploration and innovation.

After studying the market and its opportunities, we classify them by major themes and sub-themes. All this information is uploaded to the collaborative online platform, and secure access is provided. We document this platform with multimedia links and specific sources (articles, websites, videos, social networks, etc.).

Design fiction is the art of generating ideas based on possible futures. We use 4 key steps to conduct a Design Fiction process:

– Sparking the imagination
– Storytelling
– Creating ideas
– Putting ideas to the test (crash tests)

This optional stage is the final one, where we provide an overall recommendation for a real innovation strategy over a 5 to 10-year plan.

They put their trust in us

Brand positioning team

Thierry SERAY

Co-founder of the agency

Quentin DURAND

Agency Director

Our innovation projects


Strategic positioning and creation of a new brand


Strategic positioning and brand platform


Rethink the role of the WEDZE winter sports brand.


Identify new entrants and understand developments future of padel.


Imagining tomorrow’s events.


Give your brand a unique identity in an ultra-competitive world.

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