Codezero publishes analyses on its website as well as “useful textual objects”. The Codezerobook is the sum of our analytical work – a global look at sport which comes out at the end of every year. We also offer you prospective dossiers and thematic dossiers.

Thematic dossiers

Prospective dossiers

Women and Sport

Free (digital file)

In this file we take stock of the place of women in society, because it conditions the place that the world of sport has left to women

Prospective dossiers

Digital sport: The stakes and players

Free (digital file)

The digital sport dossier explores the links between sport and digital, from a simple heartbeat sensor to…

Prospective dossiers

Sport, the covid effect

Free (digital file)

This dossier explores the impact of covid on sports practice. While prospects are multiplying, promising us an idealized world of tomorrow, we did not want…



Codezerobook 2022

€ 50 ex-tax

170 pages – 7 exploratory themes.

The Codezerobook is a book of inspiration, it will not give you any ready-made solution; it will open, we hope, the field of possibilities, it will identify the stakes of tomorrow and will help you, without any doubt, to see the sport


Duo Codezerobook edition 2021 & 2022

€ 75 ex-tax

The two Codezero magazines that explore the future of sports! With this pack, get both editions of the Codezerobook. More than 300 pages, 70 analyses, 50 innovations and 14 exploratory themes on the sport of tomorrow.


Codezerobook 2020

€ 35 ex-tax

136 pages – 6 exploratory themes. The Codezero Book is the first inspirational magazine on the sport of tomorrow; it is designed to explore possible futures to identify tomorrow’s challenges and inform today’s decisions.

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