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Codezero - Agence conseil innovation sport

Codezero is an innovative player in sport. Since the story began, the founders of the agency have focused on participating in the development of innovation projects, whether for start-ups or for companies seeking to innovate in the sports market.

Why call on Codezero for your innovation questions?

Having evolved in large international groups known for their ability to innovate, we’ve observed that the “best” innovations (whether technological or otherwise) come from methodologies that weren’t relying on market research, but rather on creativity and foresight. We’ve listed a number of reasons explaining why this is the case: – Market research gives you an ‘image’ of the past – Trends change very quickly in our post-modern society – Standardisation of offerings has never been so significant – Comparing yourself to your competitors hinders creativity – Societal developments are under-used in business – Disruptive innovation cannot be imposed, it must be built up

Our innovation + sport offer

Our approach aims above all to inspire our clients and to provide them with a lens through which they can decipher societal developments in relation to sport and the major emerging trends. In this sense, we’re not just considering sport in our approach, but we also meticulously observe the evolution of artistic practices, technological developments and major changes in consumer behaviour in general.

Innovation support for companies

As you’ll see in detail in our offer, we intervene at several stages of your innovation projects, but our objective is always to give a springboard to the projects via: – Initial inspiration (upstream of the reflection phase) allowing you to make the right choices – A precise balance between your “analytical framework” and the elements of foresight – A simplification of project framing – A different rhythm to accelerate your “speed to market” – An “infusion” of our passion and our tools into your teams

Technological developments and the world of innovation

It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention that the technological developments of recent years have thrown us into a frantic race for innovation, to the point where, in some cases, we have become a little confused.

We know of many companies that have rushed into innovation (whether digital, technological, product, or otherwise) forgetting the founding principles of marketing which aim to put the user at the centre of the process and to try to respond to their aspirations, if possible, by anticipating them and not just observing them.

New technologies are not the exclusive preserve of innovation. They certainly provide access to interesting means of proposing innovations to customers, but the quest for meaning (for the end user) must remain the main driver of reflection.

At Codezero we put your customers and their aspirations at the heart of our thinking, and we focus on concrete objectives without rushing into the latest technological innovations available. For a major sports products distributor, we have carried out regular prospective plans and innovation workshops to encourage the emergence of projects corresponding with their strategic platform.

For a ski manufacturer, we proposed an innovative business model approach for the Chinese market. Then, for a tennis equipment manufacturer, we identified 10 working themes to feed the company’s strategic plan.

Codezero, the sports innovation agency based in France’s Haute-Savoie region

Our agency is based in the heart of the Outdoor Sports Valley at Annecy in the French Alps. We’re permanently connected to the world of sport and keep a close eye on existing and emerging practices. Our vision of sport is not based on performance, but on the search for balance and happiness like many people who come to recharge their batteries in the Alps or in the outdoor regions that surround us.

We don’t work on innovation projects with the ambition of faster, higher, stronger, but with the concern to allow future users to take pleasure in their sports activity, to reach that mental state that the Hungarian psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls the flow.

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