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Codezero - Agence conseil innovation sport

Codezero is an agency specialising in sports marketing.

Our experience goes far beyond the simple management of communication tools. We design strategies adapted to players in both sports and economic sectors seeking to use sport as a lever of attractiveness in their strategy.

Why a marketing service provider specialising in sport?

More than just a marketing agency, our clients are looking for a partner capable of supporting them in the following areas (non-exhaustive list): – Upstream strategic reflexion – Strategic communication – Website infrastructure and customer journey – Relevance and performance of the brand in the digital sphere – Creation of original and differentiating content – Social media strategy – Training and management of internal marketing resources – Relevance and growth of visibility

Our marketing + sport offer

Our approach strives to be different in order to offer preference to the targeted clientele. Our methodology is above all focused on the implementation of marketing strategies in line with the societal evolutions we face.

As such, we are not specialists in market research, although we do take the market environment into account in our dynamic benchmarks.

Marketing support for companies

Marketing has evolved considerably in recent years, and the multiplicity of communication and distribution channels has made customer journeys more complex – this is plain to see.

For communication agencies, the challenge is to determine the needs at every stage of the customer journey and to propose appropriate actions at each contact point. In this respect, the information search, seduction and recommendation phases have notably evolved.

Evolving needs in marketing of Outdoor and sporting activities

Customers have multiple sources of information and a wide choice to meet their needs. However, the multiplicity and standardisation of offers has made selection more difficult. They take advice and can see the level of satisfaction of other customers with a couple of clicks.

Once they’ve made their decision, they can buy the goods or services in different ways and then have the opportunity to leave a review in turn to influence their social community. As an example, we carried out a marketing and forecasting study for a sports federation on the nautical activities of tomorrow and their impact on future customer paths.

For a ski manufacturer, our marketing strategy support helped identify a low-competition, high-growth market segment. In addition, for a distributor of cycling equipment, a marketing study on the trends of tomorrow’s bicycle validated a large-scale investment plan.

Codezero, the sports marketing agency based in Annecy

A modern marketing agency looks for the most efficient way to give customers the best experience. It is not a question of “overexposing” them to inappropriate advertising messages: The subtlety is finding the right message at the right time on the right touchpoint. This is done according to the persona and their journey through the purchasing process (neo-customer journey). It is important to correctly identify: – The criteria for dissatisfaction at each stage – The specific expectations – The predictive behaviors – And the actions likely to create wonder (the famous “wow effect”) Codezero works with clients throughout Europe, but our geographical location in the Alps to the north (on the shores of Lake Annecy) facilitates exchanges with companies in Switzerland (Geneva) and France’s Rhône-Alpes region (Grenoble, Lyon, Chamonix, Chambéry). Historically, we also have a large number of clients from the south-west of the country (Bordeaux, Biarritz, Hendaye, Cap-Breton), Brittany (Brest, Vannes, La Rochelle), as well as in Paris. Welcome to the era of marketing 3.0!

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