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Our missions are focussed on innovation, branding and communication. Our role is to inspire our clients for their innovation projects thanks to proprietary tools such as the Prospective Radar for example.

When it comes to branding, we create strategic platforms that become the foundation for expression, whether at a semantic or visual level.

For our communication missions, we have developed a methodology called I.TO.C. which aims to help clients understand the brand’s identity while taking into account societal trends and central themes.

See our projects:


Strategic positioning and brand platform.

Izy Foil

Strategic positioning and brand identity.


Inspire the creative teams on the innovation themes to be taken into account in the brand’s strategic plans.

Salomon: conquering the slopes

Propose an experiential innovation concept (from idea to market) to position itself on the Chinese market.

Salomon : play minded program

To propose a strategic reflection and priority development areas on the subject of “CSR” for the Salomon brand’s winter sports activity.

FF Voile

Rethinking the service offer of the French Sailing Federation.


Refining the positioning and the service offer.

Excess Catamarans

To refine the positioning and propose an innovative concept for the launch of the new Beneteau Group catamaran brand.


Refine the positioning and the R&D discourse.


Management of social networks.

Decathlon B.U GLOVES

Inspiration & Innovation.

Excess Lab

Acquisition strategy.


VISION PLUS subscription: Vision Analyses & Prospective Dossiers.

Finistère 360

Animation of the nautical ecosystem and recommendations for a new offer of the nautical providers.

Captain Wild

Strategic positioning & brand platform.

The Loire by bike

Strategic positioning & Customer journey.

Brides les bains

Strategic positioning & Customer journey.

Béarn : Cycling in the Basque Country


Brand positioning and digital communication.


Inspiration conference on the sport of tomorrow.

The Grand Narbonne

Strategic positioning and brand identity.


Refining the positioning and the service offer.

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